Motorcycle Towing in Tustin

Did you know that motorcycle towing is actually drastically different from regular towing? There are completely different tools and equipment that have to be used, and the care and safety is also quite different. It’s important to always go to a professional who understands this distinction, otherwise you run the risk of your motorcycle being damaged by someone who doesn’t know how to take proper care of it. What you need is a company that understands motorcycle towing, to know how it can help you, and who will treat you well.

What It Is

Tustin motorcycle towing is what you need when your motorcycle needs to be towed. Whether it was damaged in an accident or it’s not working or you are moving and can’t drive both it and the car or there’s some other reason you can’t operate the motorcycle, it needs to be transported with a tow. Cars can be towed with a simple tow dolly hooked up to the front or back of the car, or secured to a flatbed. With a motorcycle, special securing equipment is necessary to keep it fully safe and protected from damage during the tow. This includes either nylon straps or a motorcycle rail to hold the bike down, as well as a wheel cradle to hold the front wheel in place. Typically the motorcycle is secured in this fashion to a flatbed and then towed out away from the previous location.

What We Can Do For You

Here at Bee Towing, there’s a lot we can do for you. First of all, we are towing professionals. Whether you need a truck, car, or motorcycle towed, we have you covered. This means that if you need your bike towed somewhere, we have the wheel cradle and straps and means to secure it to a flatbed to ensure that it’s safely towed and transported in the necessary fashion. Additionally, our business is professional in that we’re completely certified, licensed, and insured. When you come to Bee Towing, you know you’ll receive professional quality motorcycle towing Tustin that is efficient and affordable. What’s more is that we focus on taking care of you. We know that you have a life and a schedule to keep to, and we don’t want to get in the way of that. So when you call us for help at any time, we’ll answer that call 24/7 and we’ll have a technician on his way to you to arrive within 30 minutes. When you call Bee Towing, you’ll be taken care of.