Local vs National Towing

Have you ever been locked out of your car? Stuck with a dead battery or flat tire? Every driver is bound to be in one of these situations at some point, that’s why choosing a reliable towing company is of great importance. We have the answer for you. Bee Towing is a local towing company operating in Tustin. This means that instead of placing your trust in a national towing company you can rather rely on Bee Towing, a reliable towing company available around the clock.

Bee Towing knows that car/ vehicle trouble add a lot of unwanted stress to your day. This is why, at Bee Towing, we ensure that you will be guaranteed to receive assistance within a 30 minute response time. Thus, when comparing local vs national towing one can see the clear advantage of having a local company. Our goal, at Bee Towing, is to get you safely back on the road as rapidly as possible.

Our friendly, well-trained drivers are here to help you. Our team is trained in roadside assistance as well.

Bee Towing Specializes in:

  • Car lockout solutions
  • Heavy duty towing
  • Flatbed towing
  • Long distance towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Tow dolly
  • Private property towing
  • Emergency towing
  • 24h Roadside assistance

All of the services are guaranteed to be at an honest rate, thus guaranteeing a trustworthy, efficient service to ease the stress of vehicle troubles. Bee Towing’s towing technicians are dependable and specialize in doing the job efficiently & quickly. They are local which means they know the area as well as the people of Tustin, as such they create a calm and familiar environment in a stressful moment.

We use the safest practices to tow your vehicle or provide you with our diverse roadside assistance solutions. We are extremely proud of our safety methods and techniques! We make sure that our professional tow truck operators stay current and up to date with the latest technology in the auto towing industry.

Why Choose Bee Towing?

Bee Towing is here to be of service to the Tustin community. Being a local towing company enables us to assist you in any situation 24/7, with the ETA of under 30 min. We want to ensure that if your battery is dead, we can jump start it and you will still be able to get to your interview or meeting on time.

Local towing solutions by Bee Towing are the best. It’s better for you! Remember, we are your smartest choice for professional, reliable and affordable towing solutions.