Bee Towing’s Flatbed Towing – The Louis Vuitton of Towing

Different men have different ways of taking care of their cars. Some polish their cars until they can be mistaken for mirrors. Some men spend hours on end fixing them and tinkering them.. Wiser men simply call Bee Towing whenever they need any roadside assistance related.
Whenever you need to have your car towed, the circumstances are probably far from pleasing. That’s why you’ll want the best and most experienced to handle your car gently in case you need it towed.

Flatbed Towing in Tustin – Bee Towing

Bee Towing offers the most convenient and secure means of towing – flatbed towing. Our flatbed tow trucks will take great care of your car as it will be hoisted onto one of our trucks and securely fastened for the ride. Flatbed towing’s much more convenient since the vehicle’s condition doesn’t hamper with towing efforts (for example, post accident misshapen vehicles). Furthermore, some cars or vehicles simply can’t be towed using regular towing trucks. Especially low cars, motorcycles and the like, need special towing services like flatbed towing. Bee towing’s flatbed towing is much more secure. Since the towed vehicle makes no contact whatsoever with the road, it can’t be further damaged during the ride by pit holes, deteriorated road conditions, etc.

Emergency Towing And Related Roadside Assistance Services in Tustin

  • Extensive towing services
  • Replacing punctured tires
  • Jumpstarting and replacing car batteries
  • Car lockouts and out of gas situations
  • Recovery services

Bee Towing – advantages that make the difference!

Bee Towing’s dispatch is perpetually and unwaveringly available 24/7. As you contact our dispatch one of our crews will already be on its way, providing a fast response of 30 minutes or less! After witnessing our technicians’ professionalism you’ll be amazed by our affordable prices!
So go ahead and give us a call, we’re waiting!